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No matter how controversial one may see me, I have no intension or purpose to discredit outstanding Priests and Religious who serve our community right. This article is directed to those in the priesthood and religious who have betrayed our trust.

I have always said there is nothing wrong with the Bible, but there is something wrong with the people who follow the scripture. There is nothing wrong with the church, but there is something wrong with his attendees, especially the representatives, who are only humans and most of the time show it. Now why do I say these things? I am saying this because it is a common character of men to interpret things as they are not rather than they are, especially when it comes to serving our purposes. People are egotistic and when things are designed to make us better we use it to create destruction. That is why we always need to look out for one and another. Never say these men are special, they will never fall short.

In the third world and in America we have false pastors and priests, who rip off people’s money in the name of god. People sometimes use the church to enrich themselves. I remember Jesus caught tantrum when he found out about people selling merchandise in his father’s home. In several countries in Europe and other parts of the world it has come to light that Priests and Religious people have misused their power and have sexually abused innocent children. With this happening around the world it did not caught me off guard because I do know that people have flaws and a spiritual leader in a form of a priest, Imam, Rabbi or whatsoever are no different than ordinary folks. They are, like any other person, projected to desires daily too. They are more at risk because people and power is toxic, no matter how little their invested power might seem to others. These Religious people have the sacred trust from the community. They are exceptional therefore we speak highly of them at birthdays, family gatherings and amongst friends.

The perception of priesthood is that they are doing God’s work and serving God. Christians have put them on a pedestal because they understand the teaching of the Bible and the Bible called for men with insight to lead the people, to prepare mortals for a better tomorrow and for the hereafter. And it is heartbreaking to know that some of these chosen men who the society trusted blindly have become our worst nightmare. Judging by their actions it is the Priests who desperately need the teaching which they were entrust to teach our children. They were the sinners teaching the innocent. The Priesthood is the centre piece of one of the world’s biggest church scandal in the modern world. Priests from around the globe will have to add to their accomplishments, one of the world most repentance behaviour, paedophilia.

On Saturday Pope Benedict XVI sent out a Pastoral letter to the Catholics of Ireland, (see link here), in which he shared his view on the church’s sexual abuse scandal in Ireland. The major news networks all quoted and announced the letter and made it seem like it was some kind of a breakthrough. Well I am disappointed. As a head of the Pastor of the universal Church I expected Pope Benedict XVI to do more than that. First of all, the Pope’s letter does not mention sexual abuse in his native country Germany and other parts of the world. Secondly, I personally think the Pope does not go far enough condemning this atrocious act by individuals in the church community and above all, a letter is not personal enough. It would have been far better and dignified, more humane and sincere if the Pope would have used his weekly appearance from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square to read out the full letter to his followers. I would have loved to see him using this opportunity to address the abuse scandal with stronger words.

Now is the time to make things right. If this horrific crime passes unchecked it will be a long road to recover. If the Pope and senior officials of the Roman Curia believe they can let this crime pass unchecked, the church will suffer a great consequence. This debate should take place in public, let the church be accessible to the people in good times and in bad times. People will not run away from the church. The church has done great wonders to millions of individuals around the globe. If the truth comes out and people decide to leave, they will leave with less hate or no hatred at all towards the church. It will be a personal decision without feeling being pushed away. As the Pope and the Vatican deals with this, transparency is desperately needed. Priestly ministry and the churches’ credibility are on the line as we speak.

We are talking about a mass crime. These are criminal activities that took place inside an institute that preaches about dignity, integrity, humanity, 10 commandments, holiness and more. We are talking about admirable men chosen to lead the children of the world communities down to the right path as they go forward. They are chosen to teach God’s words and make individuals understand God’s teaching. Of all the people, one believes church Priests will know better and above all, practice what they preach. I think the time has come for the church community to stand up from the bottom up to the top and actively assist authorities to eliminate this act of Satan from the church communities.

Beside women’s rights and civil right I have always fought against child abuse. I think child abuse is the most macabre crime. Child abuse, whether physically or mentally, and paedophilia activities should be seen as a first degree murder. No matter who committed the crime, it is something we should never close our eyes from. God will judge them, but in the meantime let’s have them sentenced. Twenty five years or more will do if we cannot get them sentenced to life behind bars. There should be no room left for men or women to believe they can do this horrific act to our precious babies and get away with it. Stop the sham, stop the hypocrisy and let’s bring the criminals to justice. Yes, that is what they are, criminals! Let’s give out a warning to those who are still abusing children across the globe, hurting our young boys and girls in closets, hallways, churches, schools, swimming pools and behind closed doors. Let us assure the victims of these hideous crimes that ‘we know and we will care’. We will do better for the next generations starting from today.

Too little too late for games, people’s lives have been hurt severely. Our children’s lives are on the line and anguished parents don’t know who to turn to. This play down for century’s crime is unacceptable and unwanted neither in the world community nor in the church community. The Pastor of the universal Church and the Vatican needs to make a live coverage statement instead of writing letters.

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