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THE SRM REPORT: YDSS Foundation & Apo-clipZ In Ghana “A Hand Of Hope”

On the 9th of August 2009 Apo-clipZ members Kno’Ledge, Nemesis & Amenda took a trip to Ghana together with thirteen others youngsters, they resided for 3 weeks in Accra, the capital city.

Their trip was a voluntary project. They were brought to Ghana by YDSS (Youth Development & Support Services) to give workshop to orphans. The two orphanages they worked at are “Teshie Orphanage” and “Hand of Mercy”. At Teshie Orphanage the kids were between 3 and 20 years old. Their environment and physical condition was stable and much better than at the other orphanage. Although they were behind with education, it was hard to tell by first impression they’re orphans.
All praise goes to Grandma, the children’s caretaker; an elderly strict-woman, who turned her home into an orphanage. At the second orphanage “Hand of Mercy” the kids were infants. Their habitat condition was really horrible and we fear without serious help from us, their condition will further deteriorate. There are many changes that are needed to be made at “Hand of Mercy”. YDSS has already set up the Youth Consult Ghana, a consult to keep an eye on orphanages in Ghana to do their part and make sure the children are safe and the help we provide is used properly.

We will keep you up to date on how these two and other future orphanages we come across improve and maintain. For now here is the testimonial of the Apo-clipZ participants.

Here are their Ghana Reports:


Oh Mayne, my first trip back home in 16 years. I could not believe that I was finally going to put my feet on African soil to make a difference. I’m thankful to Youth Development and Support Services (YDSS) for making this fantastic voyage possible. It was great and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It was nice meeting up with people, talking to strangers and being at the orphanage with the orphans, who could have been my brother and sisters. I also had the pleasure to see my moms, queen of queens, who I have not seen in many years. It made me humble and I felt lucky at the same time. As a son of the country I witnessed the changes since the last time I was around. Slowly but surely Ghana is going through a visible change.

My experience with the orphans and the project as a whole has taught me two valuable things I would like to share with you. First; don’t approach these kids as orphans. Trust me, they know it. Instead spend time with them as your younger sisters and brothers. Be kind but don’t exaggerate, it will make them feel uncomfortable. You are there for them and they are aware of it and extremely grateful. Spend your time with the orphans wisely; make it worthwhile although you will be there for a few weeks only. Second; I know you wanna tell them how they can be anything they wish for and that the sky is the limit. Forget it. Use your time getting to know what their skills are and then encourage them to persuade it before they leave the orphanage. At some point they will have to face the real world without help from the orphanage and their caretakers. Therefore it is better to have something at hand. A skill these kids could earn a living with. We have a lot of dreamers on the side of the road begging for change or fallen into the hands of criminals. These kids are in some strange way lucky. With the effort of YDSS they can still escape the harsh reality most of the children’s before them had to endure.

This trip was really meaningful and I’m thankful. You should try it once in a lifetime.
Keep up The great work, YDSS.


Going to Ghana and being part of a volunteering project feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I feel like I am blessed since this was my second time that I went to Ghana with the organization YDSS (Youth Development and Support Services). Ghana was in one word amazing. It was such a beautiful thing to be in Africa with a group of wonderful people who all got one aim: trying to make a difference.

We went to two different orphanages, Teshie Orphanage and Hand of Mercy. The first orphanage looked good, the place was nice and clean. And seeing those kids, it was difficult to tell they’re really orphans. They looked healthy and well fed and clothed. But don’t let the outside fool you. These kids have been through so much, sometimes cruel situations. And knowing their stories, I saw even more how strong these kids are. What we tried to achieve with this project, is to support these youngsters and extend their talents that could help them getting further in life.
The circumstances at the second orphanage were bad. These kids were a lot younger and their conditions were not as good as in the first orphanage. All I could give those kids at that moment was love. Hold them close, talk with them and show these innocent souls they’re not invisible. Hoping and praying they find the courage and strength to keep their heads up.

Many children are living like this, we saw just a few during our trip. There is still so much work to do. All I could say is: give a helping hand when you can, a hand of hope. You may change someone’s life and be an inspiration at the moment it is truly needed.

Watch The Charity Work We Did In Ghana. YDSS & Apo-clipZ!!!

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