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R.I.P. HIP-HOP PIONEER GURU: A Great Loss For Hip-Hop

Keith Elam, better known as Guru, was a pioneer Hip-Hop artist from the United States. As a founder and member of the Hip-Hop duo Gang Starr, alongside DJ Premier, Guru was successful and respected in the music industry. Due to personal and creative differences the duo parted ways in 2004. With his Jazzmatazz projects he worked with jazz icons and top musicians such us Chaka Khan, Isaac Hayes and Jamiroquai.

I was lucky to meet Guru in Amsterdam a while ago. I was standing in front of Hip-Hop Café De Duivel with Apo-clipZ when Guru walked up to us. As he walked towards us Sparx noticed him and pointed out to me “that’s Guru”. Guru was in town with producer Solar to promote his fourth Jazzmatazz album and decided to do some sightseeing as well. He asked us where he could find a Hip-Hop spot. He wanted to see how Amsterdam holds it down. After I gave him a few addresses, he decided to stay for a while. We had good laughs as we discussed the current state of Hip-Hop and the music industry in general. He also shared some words of wisdom with me and the onlookers.

As we were in the middle of our conversation there was this guy who was offended by my choice of words or something. Before I knew it the guy was battling me and Guru and Solar were like ‘Word’! Of course I ate him. On my first born, Guru who sat on a leaned bicycle was laughing his ass off. Afterwards he told me he liked the flow and how the words were put together. Before we parted ways he asked me to pursue rap “you’ve got skills, don’t give up” and told me to holler at him. I told him I will but till this day never did. Maybe I did not want to bother him or something.

On Thursday the 19th of April 2010 the groundbreaking artist lost a battle to the fatal decease cancer. He battled the malicious decease for over a year and suffered in March a cardiac arrest which landed him into a coma. He never recovered. The Hip-Hop Icon was 43 years old. Guru will be greatly missed by his music fans and pears.

Rest in Peace OG! We wish you a safe journey to the Almighty.

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