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Free All Journalists and Freedom Writers

Although our leaders despise them, sometimes we the people wish we never have met them and certainly never have spoken with them. We need journalists, even at the expense that we can not trust their every word. Journalists come to a good use when they are on the side of the people.
Whenever a journalist gets arrested, imprisoned and or even assassinated, one should wonder what ticked off the government. What was this journalist trying to tell us? What was discovered that he has to pay with his life for it? There are many papers pressed daily. There are countless pictures published daily. Even in the most restricted countries news papers are available. You don’t go out and murder a journalist because he wrote an innocent article or took an useless picture.
We owe it to that person to find out why he was murdered. We can not let journalists rot away, when they might have found the answers to our suffering. Together, let us raise our voices and demand the immediate release of jailed journalists. Also let us remember the journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. As a freedom writer this goes to my heart, I need total freedom to do my work. So stand with me and support press freedom, journalism and the free flow of information.
A Grasp of Assassinated Journalists and Media workers:

■Ngota Ngota Germain (Cameroon)
Editor of the weekly Cameroun Express
Killed on 29 April 2010 in Cameroon

■Jorge Alberto Orellana (Honduras)
Journalist of commercial local TV channel Televisiòn de Honduras
Killed on 20 April 2010 in Honduras

■Hiroyuki Muramoto (Japan)
Cameraman for Reuters
Killed on 10 April 2010 in Japan

■Patient Chebeya Bankome (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Reporter and freelance cameraman
Killed on 5 April 2010 in Democratic Republic of Congo

■Arun Singhaniya (Nepal)
Chairman of Janakpur Today Publications, which publishes Janakpur Today and operates Radio Today
Killed on 1 March 2010 in Nepal

■Ashiq Ali Mangi (Pakistan)
Reporter for the private television channel Mehran TV
Killed on 17 February 2010 in Pakistan

■José Luis Romero (Mexico)
Crime reporter for Radio Linea Directa
Killed on 16 January 2010 in Mexico

■Michelle Lang (Canada)
Journalist for the Calgary Herald
Killed on 30 December 2009 in Afghanistan

■Gennady Pavlyuk (Kyrgyzstan)
Former editor of the Kyrgyz edition of the Russian weekly Argumenty i Fakty
Killed on 22 December 2009 in Kyrgyzstan

■Cihan Hayirsevener (Turkey)
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Güney Marmara’da Yaşam (Life in Southern Marmara),
Killed on 18 December 2009 in Turkey

■Harold Humberto Rivas Quevedo (Colombia)
Owner of a political commentary show Comuna Libre on the local TV station CNC Bugavisión and sports commentator on the local radio station Voces de Occidente
Killed on 15 December 2009 in Colombia

■José Givonaldo Vieira (Brazil)
Journalist on Bezerros FM and owner of the local newspaper Folha do Agreste
Killed on 14 December 2009 in Brazil

■Mohamed Amin Adan Abdulle (Somalia)
Reporter with Radio Shabelle
Killed on 3 December 2009 in Somalia

■Bayo Ohu (Nigeria)
Assistant news editor of the Nigerian daily newspaper, The Guardian
Killed on 20 September 2009 in Nigeria

Check out the full list and commentary on the United Nations agency UNESCO´S website. UNESCO Remembers Assassinated Journalists, encourages press freedom and campaigns for greater safety of media professionals.

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