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Teach the children to never forget what men can become.

First I would like to acknowledge and give my condolence to the families and humanity in general for the lives lost during World War II. The statistics varies from 50 to 70 million deaths and amongst them there were approximately 6 million Jewish people. In a time span of 6 years a group of men were left with the fate of humanity into their hands. Unfortunately they abused their power and caused this lengthy nightmare. Each year I mourn with humanity the death of our brothers and sisters of the human tree. And I celebrate with you the end of this atrocity. I hope and pray just like you do, that this great massacre will never take place on this earth again. Not in my lifetime, not in our children’s lifetime and not in the future generations existence.

Like all great deaths I am sincerely moved by the millions of deaths that took place on this earth from 1939 to 1945 at the hands of human cruelty. I think of The Nazi Regime, a force that was determent to carry out a worldwide reign of terror, which resulted into mass killings and human destruction. I think of the Allies who were forced to take lives in order to restore peace and the alias who used the war to expand their territory. I think of the cold winters and the mass hunger that occurred. By the end of this Great War, the lives that were lost and taken from us were greater than anyone could have imagined before the war.

However, the rebuilding, the reconciliation and the remembering of the Great War has made me proud and at the same time saddened. In comparison to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the world Colonialism, which caused great deaths and lasted for centuries, I see to my anguish there is a big difference how the two tragedies are remembered. I think is it very shocking and inhumanly to say of one atrocity “let bygone be bygone” while the other is worldly recognized and teached at schools. Everything has been done to ease the suffering and the pain of the Jewish people and other WWII victims. But none has been done to meet the descendants of slaves and the victims of Colonialism who suffered at the hands of western world. I believe it is of humanitarian to teach our children the sadism and horrors committed during the course of this dark period in it’s entirely truth. Where are the monuments? Where are the museums which will warn the next generation what the world can become? I think as long as the western world underplays their role in this dark past, they can never meet their future with a clean plate. For their future will be contagious by the bloody past.

Hypocrisy is the worst kind of a lie. If a criminal decide to repent and start over, he will need to confess all of his sins and bare everything in order to receive a cleansed soul. He can not say ‘what about them’, for he is not repenting for them. He can not say ‘but my father stole the goods’ while he wears it. I know it is not easy to openly acknowledge in detail to such a violent past. But we need to search for the truth, find the truth, preserve the truth and pass it on to our offspring. A real reconciliation will be to admit your wrongs and demonstrate to the victims you are doing anything to prevent history from repeating itself. Where you have done much to meet the Jewish people, you have tried to excuse yourself from the black holocaust with a token but there is no easy way on this ordeal. All your efforts so far has only anger us even more. Collectively the western world should ask for forgiveness and teach their children about slavery just as they did with WWII. After the Great War the Japanese and the Germans were pressurized to make all type of concessions. However, after slavery Africa was colonized for another century. Our pain and great suffering which are documented should be acknowledged by the western world. Annually the world should stand still at this pivotal moment.

WWII thought as a lesson, where slavery changed the world geographically. The world was never going to look the same again. During the course of slavery the human card was reshuffled. This is a historical turn in our modern lifetime that should be remembered by all creed and colour, especially by those who caused this great exodus from Africa and elsewhere.

Peace and bless to the children, the women and the men of this great world.

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