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ISRAEL FLOTILLA RAID: This Conflict Can Not Be Won By Violence.

As I take a brief time to write this, the United Nations Security Council is at this very moment writing a response to Israel’s latest disproportional use of violence. A pro Palestinian group called Free Gaza Movement, amongst activists and supporters, tried to reach Gaza by Flotilla. They had relief supplies on board for the Palestinian people, but where stopped short by armed Israeli’s commandos. Israel has forbidden any aid going straight to the Gaza Strip in fear of arm smuggle. The UN has been deliberating for hours now and there is still no agreement on how the council should react to the raid of the Flotilla.

The Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan whose citizens were killed in the attack, has lashed out at his long standing allied. He has a long list of demands which is giving the council a headache. America on the other side, probably Israel’s only true friend left, wants the council to condemn all use of violence in the mid east. What ever the outcome will be, one thing is for sure. In the end the council’s official reaction will be mild, matter of fact, it will be close to what the US wants. The very same reason why many people doubt the council’s legitimate. All that a country has to do is to veto a proposal and they are back to scratch.

Anyway, since I’m convinced the outcome will be nothing new, I thought I would share with y’all what I think the UN reaction should be. It appears Israel attacked the boat on international waters. The UN should issue a serious warning to Israel and impose a penalty on the country which will take effect if this ever happens again. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first response was that the military can count on his full backing. This was before all the facts were on the table, so one can’t expect Israel to investigate his own backyard and at the same time to be transparent. There should be a swift independent inquiry into the matter by outsiders. Israel and all others involved must extend its full cooperation. Also the UN should summon Israel and the Palestinian heads to return to the peace talk and solve this conflict for once and for all. Stop dragging your nation’s women and children into this endless hostilities towards one and another.

I understand in the Middle East Israel is cornered and at times have to show its muscle. But the recent disproportional use of violence has outraged the world community and further upset the relationship with its allies. The fact the news circle in Israel were immediately censored right after the raid and Israeli citizens had to rely on international news reports also raises questions. We have seen nothing but violence ever since the begin of this conflict. Let’s try peace for a change.

Peace to the children of Israel. Peace to the children of Palestine.

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