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Creating Awareness: Benin Under Water

Hello world, don’t turn away from Benin. The country is severely hit by the nation’s worst flood in history.


 A lot has happened in West Africa, and more so in Benin in the first three weeks of October. And yet the world only awakened to it after things turned for the worst. In West Africa it is now rainy season and heavy rains are continuing to flood the area. The seasonal heavy rain this year is beyond normal for the region, particularly in Benin where 55 out of the country’s 77 districts are affected. Benin’s worst flood since 1963 is overlooked by the international community.
Nearly 700.000 people are affected, countless homes are destroyed with unknown casualties, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, the disturbing number of cholera cases continues to rise. There’s no doubt an appeal for funds and aid will soon be announced. The early warnings from the people on the ground were neglected by the international community. Even now as I write this post, there are still countries who are underestimating the crisis at hand. So help me people, spread the word: Benin is under water and needs our attention, right now.

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