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Will The Real President Please Stand Up?

In Ivory Coast the following is going on; fresh off the election, two president candidates are claiming victory. Both the incumbent president and opposition have formed a government and take an oath. The African Union has suspended the country until democracy takes its course in the disputed presidential election. Today, 13 December, the EU hit incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo with sanctions, including a visa ban and an assets freeze.
But how did things get this far? In August Ivory Coast held its first precedential election in a decade. Although Mr. Gbagbo was the first finisher, no candidate had the majority and a presidential election run-off was called. In a game-changer the third finisher threw his support behind Alassane Ouattara who was the second finisher. After the run-off on Sunday November the 28th, independent observers, The United Nations and The African Union declared opposition leader Alassane Ouattara the clear victor. President Laurent Gbagbo did not agree with the run-off results, and only a day later the ruling of the Election Commission was dismissed by the countries Constitutional Council and President Laurent Gbagbo was called the victor. Seeing the fraudulent behaviour of President Laurent Gbagbo leading to this election I must say I am not surprised about the current chaos. This election has been delayed for 5 years, due to all kind of eyebrow raising reasons.
There seems to be a trend with our incumbent presidents. If you lose an election, put democracy and the spirit of election aside and claim victory. Whereupon you welcome an outside mediator and settle for a power sharing deal with the opposition, which will legitimate your presidency. Mugabe did it, Kibaki did it as well. It is a very disturbing trend, it undermines democracy and we need to stop it now. If the election dispute is not settled on time, the chances are that the country will be split in two where each man will rule one side. I think that will be a catastrophic for the fragile country. If it is true that the opposition has won the run-off as the election commission has ruled then the African Union should show some back bone and remove incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo from office.
Our prayers go to the resilient people of Ivory Coast in these uncertain times. Be brave, be bold, The Soul Rebel Movement is with you.

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