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The SRM Report: SRM Project Christmas Dinner 4 The Homeless

For some time now, I have had this idea to organize something around the holidays for the addicts and homeless in our community. I told my good friend Robert Coblijn from Bijlmer Style about my plans and he was not only excited, he insisted that we got on with it right away. So here is the SRM report of our Christmas dinner with addicts and homeless people in the community. 
The idea behind the Christmas dinner and entertainment was to give the homeless and addicts in the community something positive to look out for in December. The plan was to give them heads up as early as December 1st and continuously build up the excitement with some initiatives. By keeping them excited and in a way busy I think the community would be much better off. Anyone who is in a positive state of mind is less inclined to do crime. Other than trying to keep them busy, so they will not steal your purse, or take off with your car radio while you are shopping, it is my believe that Christmas is for all. I think if we can’t celebrate this together due to various reasons we should extend the Christmas spirit to one and another. It is the least we can do.

In no way does The SRM and his partners Bijlmer Style and the Salvation Army want to honor the criminal activities that some of the addicts are committing in our community. Neither do I see this as a waste of money and effort. To extend the spirit of Christmas to our brothers and sisters who are literally left out in the cold each year is a humanitarian act and I think the critics should try that once.  Because I can report to you that the people we did this for were overwhelmed, lively and at times emotional. Most of the 50 plus people who showed up at the dinner never before received a Christmas box and there they were, holding on to one like their life depend on it. 
There was this pregnant lady who said to her advisor she cried tears of joy when she heard my poem (You are a champion and someone ought to say it). This addicted women, for most part of the year stressed out and weary, can you believe I made her smile with this event and my little poem? For a few days and maybe longer she and her child are experiencing happiness. And she was not the only one. Men had teary eyes when Hip-Hop artist Gikkels performed his hit ‘Oprechte Liefde’  (Genuine Love) to the gathered people. The event was more than a success. It does good to me to see that in my humble way, with the support of Bijlmer Style, the Salvation Army and allowance from the district office, an idea can flourish and bright up people’s lives. Maybe for a day or two but it was worth it every second, every minute and every penny.

I want to thank Robert Coblijn of Bijlmer Style for seeing the necessity to do this and Salvation Army Domus for their hard work in the community to offer food and accommodation to our fallen brothers and sisters. The streets of The Bijlmer project in Amsterdam South East used to be filled with drug addicts and homeless from all over.  In the past year we have seen a decline in homeless and drug addicts related crimes, thanks to the police effort and organizations like Salvation Army Domus. The positive approach of the last mentioned is working and I think we should continue on that trend.

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