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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The world briefly stood still when images of your wretched condition reached us. In 2003 we witnessed one of the worst humanitarian crises in Darfur, but went to sleep and said the very next morning I had a good sleep. You have had your share of misery, your children have seen enough hunger and despair, and your women have endured unforgivable treatment. With this painful past in our hearts I pray you will have your share of peace.  Elections has been rigged over and over again, brave civilians has been jailed or killed because they dared to stand up against injustice. And yet all this misery has not trampled your spirit. You are not a push over, you are not defenseless people and neither are you a nation of cowards.

Your remarkable patience and continuous existence have not been in vain. Today it is all up to you, what you want your future to be, which is independence or dependence? From January 9-15 you waited hours in long lines under the scorching sun to cast your ballots in a referendum on independence. I was cheerful to witness this happening because I knew you will see a brighter day when the results are announced. Your independence will break up Africa’s largest country into two separate nations, and why not? For centuries your fate has been decided by others who interest was other than yours. And besides who can decide what’s good for you, better than yourself? But winning independency is only half the battle. Success will not come at your door right away. It will take time and patience. The South needs to be rebuilt and she will need unity amongst her population. Also you will need to make an effort to establish a peaceful communication and if possible economic relation with your Muslim brothers up North. It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth the try.

Sometimes I ask myself what is it we want in life so badly that we cannot live with one another or that we cannot see the good in each other. In my humble opinion religion should not divide a home. If we practice what we preach, which is harmony, peace and compassion, then various religions should be able to live next to each other, if they cannot live under the same roof. When two people separate we are hurt, when a country separates our hurt is even greater. But your crying freedom should no longer be ignored by President Omar Al-Bashir and the world’s community. The time has come for you to rule over yourself and the time has come for the world’s community, including President Omar Al-Bashir to respect your wish.

God bless you and the Soul Rebels salute you.

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