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I cannot say with a straight face I am happy with organisations who spend millions on billboard advertisments to get the world’s attention on all that’s bad in Africa, but won’t do the same to get our attention to all that’s good in Africa. I am not saying we shouldn´t talk about the negative aspects, all I am saying is balance it. Is good to be critical of where all the funds are going and whether the western efforts are fruitful or a waist of time. But it is also important to point out on the same scale that progress is being made. When someone or something is in need, we can be critical of the situation since there’s a need for a change, but it would be waist of our efforts to look at it as if it´s beyond repair, especially Africa with all her potentials. #Africaday is doing just that.

All the attendees, from CEO´s, speakers, participants to Joe the plummer, Henk and Ingrid all are connected to Africa and follow the development of the continent. Most attendees have the knowhow of Africa and are positively critical of the performance of all the parties involved in bettering Africa. Usually the general public do not get the opportunity to face off in real life with CEO´s and human right organisations. #Africaday gives people the space to express positive critism with Dick Benschop (President Director Shell Nederland) en Eduard Nazarski (Director Amnesty International in the Netherlands). These heavy weights and others are in an armreach from the public on this day and you can question their pants off. Positive critism makes development work!

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