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My Letter to Evert Vermeer Stichting concerning #Africaday The Hague

Dear foundation, First and foremost I would like to congratulate you on your success with Afrikadag (Africaday). It was the First time I visited your event and I was very happy to be part of the team, as official blogger of the day. You have done a good job to get the focus on Africa, in a positive light. I thank you for that. I have met a lot of fun people and heard interesting conversations. Some people were worth listining to and others were the reason we need Africa Day. I must say I was inspired.

I will not forget the expressoin on the face of Esraa Fattah aka Facebook-girl when I told her I was a facebooker. It was like she met an old friend from the good old days. I remember when Sister Fa walked to my table and ask to help her with the wifi password of the event so that her father can see the show. I felt sorry for her as we tried over and over again and couldn´t get connection. Finally the cameraman, who obviously was more equipt with Mac,  fixed the problem. Before she left we introduced ourselves to one and another and that is when I found out she was Sister Fa. I was startled. I spend 10 to 15 minutes with the lady I was looking forward to interview and did not recognise her. I had great laughs with strangers and the scene was brotherly and sisterly.
In many ways Africa Day was a success but I came home feeling like I missed something. I missed out speed dating with politicians and representatives because I was attending  a discussion about South Sudan, the same happened with other activities. I was so busy trying to catch up by the time I made it to the food section they were closed. There are so much to do on Africa Day an expert in multitasking will not survive. And they all seems very important for the public to have access to. 
I think it is unfair for people to choose between Revolutions in North Africa and Good governance in Tanzania, or discussion about Shell in Africa and European developement policy. Therefore my suggestion is to make the event two days event. Give people the time to grasp what is being thaught/shown to them before they end up in another discussion. After all too much information is as good as no information. It will be unfortunate to let the many workshops, debates, the various activities and entertainment go waist. I think the event will have a lasting impact on the people when they are giving the chance to observe everything.
One more thing, I nearly threw away the envelope containing my entree ticket. When I saw the big blanco envelope with a big democrat stamp ´PvdA´ I thought it was a political spam. I couldn´t read from the outside it was about Africa Day or Evert Vermeer stichting.  So please can you make sure the logo of Afrikadag and or Evert Vermeer Stichting  is on the envelope next time to clear any confusion?
Yours Truly,
The Soul Rebel Movement Salutes Evert Vermeer Stichting. We believe in what you are doing and wishes you success in the future.

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