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TRUE STORY: Holding Money For A Friend

Tonight something odd happened to me. It really upset me. Around 9.30pm I took a break from writing and made my way to the local super market, before it got closed. At the super market, there was a lady beggar at the entrance, begging for change. Usually when I see beggars I stroll on like they are not there. Yes me too, I do that. Nothing special about me, I am just like you, and if not you like any other out there. Anyway, while I walked into the shop I made the commitment to give the beggar some change when I return. When I finished up at the cashier, I realised I only had € 2,40 left. To be honest with you, due to my investment in other causes, money is low these days. I could use the whole € 2,40 for myself but I was not going to do that.
I decided to share the money I had left with the beggar. I was content with it that she could have the € 2,- and I will keep the 40 cents. I really don’t know what I was going to do with the 40 cents but I was content. Anyway I made my way back to the entrance and to my surprise I could not see the beggar anywhere. I looked around and she was nowhere to be found. When I realised she had disappeared I felt overwhelming sadness coming over me. I really felt the money was hers and she deserved to have it, today. On my way home I kept looking back to see if I could find her, but no, she was gone.

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