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Letter To My Dear Daughter Sierra And Her Generation

My dear Angel,

I am trying to write you this letter while I am sitting in the train with a heavy heart. Sometimes life gets to you and you have to pull yourself trough. I am proud of the accomplishments of black people all over, but our problems are far from over.  I have been unable to find a decent job. I was told I am not looking hard enough, and should try harder. I have many gifts but I cannot find a job worth my quality because of my lack of formal education. It is sad to know that a man’s destiny can be made or broken depending on his education. With this hard lesson I tell you, sweetheart, go to school. Get all the diplomas and the PHDs of the world. You are fortunate to be born in the Netherlands, and I happen to know that if you give your all, the country cannot afford to let you down. There will be many obstacles along the way, but just like your father I want you to look forward with pride and optimism.

My dear Angel, you are black, now it is not the case, but not far from our front door and not far from your fourth birthday, the world will let you know that you are black. But that is okay, you are black and you can be proud of that. You are not black because you are better than people of different colour. Also, and this is important to know, you are not black because you are inferior to people of different colour. I cannot find an explanation to why we have different colours, I think God likes colour TV too. Colour does not tell us who we are. People cannot see from the outside if you are good hearted or a vicious person. You are what you are from within and not what people make of you based on your skin. Some people say they do not see colours, this is of course a blatant lie. Speak the truth always, never lie to yourself, and don’t ever let colour keep you away from making peace with the world.

Now, you are here and I have to tell you about who you are and how the world sees you. Both your mother and I are overwhelmed with your presence, and no, we did not wish for a son as they do in China. You are not a child too many. With your age of 21 months I will tell you something I don’t tell people older than you; you can become anything you wanna be. As a father, which I am first, and a freedom fighter I will do anything in my power to make sure your start will be different than mine. Yes I had a rough start with people who did not believe in me. But I am not bitter, I cannot be bitter, because I have you and your brother and I love you both. Soon you will grow fast and become a beautiful strong black woman. There is something I have to tell you about the history of black woman. Don’t get upset because it is not beautiful. She has suffered under the tyrant rule of old kings and chiefs, both political and religious oppression but no one could have prepare her for the fatality of slavery. She was raped by men who hated and enslaved her husband. She was abused, and denied any right to exist by men who thought it was okay to hung all her children. She was forced to do slave labour on a plantation, from morning till night and earn nothing.

Me myself, I have seen a woman being vandalised, I have seen a woman being raped and beaten, and I fell every beating as if it was me. I have never been more hopeless in my entire life. Oh dear, I do not want to scare you, I just want you to be prepared for the injustice which takes its course when we are not vigilant. We are living in a sick society where men and some women find pleasure in having sex with babies. Be aware of immoral brothers who do not understand the language of self love. Being mentally slaved made him hate himself. Remember that any man who hates himself hates everyone else. He is a nigger because he believes what the world tells him about himself. That is the dangerous part. I want you to be prepared for this day and carry him through. He will need you because you are strong.

Fear not, because I know you will do great. You come from a lineage of brave people. You are Asante, you have the blood of great queens flowing through your veins. I named you after the queen mother of Ejisu, Nana Yaa Asantewaa, because just like her I believe you will be brave and fearless in the face of injustice. The righteous can always count on you. It is in your blood to do great. Your forefathers and mothers where bigger than life. Your grandmother, even at the age of 48 still beautiful as you are, she taught me how to be a man. I am lost, without your mother but I have hurt her because I never wanted to listen to her. I have never raised my hand to her.  She is too precious and means a lot to me, just like you. So let no men hurt you or your children. You are born free and you will give birth to free men and free women.

God bless you and your generation. I love you wholeheartedly.

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