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Black-Face is Not A Tradition: ZWARTE PIET IS RACISME!

Sinterklaas is a celebration that promotes innocence and togetherness for families, especially children. But the shocking caricature of people of African descent threatens any goodness the celebration wish for and her intensions to bring the country together on the 5th of December. The celebration which dates back to 1200 lost her innocence in the 20th century when it added a racist element (Black Face) to the tradition. The black face coupled with African ear rings, red tick lips and afro wigs, understandably, messes it up for many children and parents across the country. Our country, the Netherlands, can only save herself from world disgrace, which will devastate her because in this house we live we are perfect, when she opens her heart and mind for a factual and meaningful dialogue. I am certain such a dialogue will lead to change.

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