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NEW POEM BY KNO´LEDGE CESARE ‘The Perspectives’ (inspired by ‘Media4Us summer conference 2012’)

This poem was written and inspired by my recent trip to Sweden. From the 4th until the 8th of July I attended a four-day work conference in Stockholm, together with 39 young adults from different countries of the EU. The conference was organized by Mira Media and partners. Our mission is to create a media campaign, which goal is to contribute to a juster en better EU. This campaign is still in progress. You can check out the developments and LIKE our page here: FACEBOOK

(written by Kno´Ledge Cesare)

We do not have editorial pages,
Metro inserts and radio stations
Our media is the social media
We are the mouthpiece of our neighborhoods
We are the new era
Call us the perspectives

We are strangers doing strange dances in the night
on a full belly
We are fools, with sleepy eyes
waiting for the sunset at 3 in the morning
We are dreamers, we are a part of universal longings
We are the healing to the ills of yesteryears
We have explored the darkness with bitter tears
and never lost sight of hope
We laughed and forgot about the problems of our own
We held up our empty glasses and said – cheers!
Looked in the camera, grabbed each other
This is for Sollentuna,
This is for mama and aunt Tamara
This is our moment, together

Out here in this hole, in Stockholm
Where babies don’t cry and supermarkets don’t sell alcohol
We found us,
Independent, sexy, and dangerously impatient
Let’s give tomorrow a makeover
Let us start a media campaign
Mobile phones, cameras, iPads, presentations,
Handclapping and end credits. We are settled
The genie is back in the box
With all her worries and troubles

But we can’t go home
Home is segregation, home is Zwarte Piet is Racisme,
Home is taboo,
Where all the bright stars are leaving for the moon
I. Too. Am. Europe but I do not wish for a continent
All I want is a single room, a quiet place for a start
No child left behind and no Roma left in the dark
Let us move mountains, and bring down the sky
This wall that is between us must go blind

Let Europe be the place where the dreamers grow old beards
Where the doubters find a reason, to come near
And where the y-generation comes together every year
To hold a conference, and leave with the confidence
That one day Europe will be juster, more equal and better

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