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30th APRIL: GUESSS WHO’S BIRTHDAY IT IS TODAY?! The Dutch Queen And A Certain Mister

What is in a number? I would say a lot. As we are aging, it is very important to know your years on this earth and how you have spent it. Winston Churchill once said: “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.” My lucky number is 29. I’m in the middle of growing up and everyday is a lesson. From age to age, I embrace the experience and the wisdom that life is giving me. I’m thankful for my days so far and every new day is not aging but a conquest. This annually asks for a realization and celebration.

But when I was an infant, my birthday was nothing special. I did not receive gifts and no party was ever held for me. I could never be jealous of other kids because I did not know anyone who was celebrating his or her b-day. As a matter of a symbolic gesture my mom will cook me an egg and say ‘happy birthday son’ and I will make a wish. I have never really celebrated my birthday. I say never really because my pops tried to throw me a birthday party when I turned 13 and so did my wifey ten years later. Thanks Hun, good going pops, but it just happens that I don’t have the birthday spirit in me. There was a time, on my birthdays, I used to smoke, drink and listen to music with people I consider family till this day: Apo-clipZ. With an exception of one or two individuals, none of us smoke anymore and we still have a lot of fun.

The Dutch Queen, Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard’s original birthday is on the 31st of January. She celebrates her B-day on the 30th of April for two reasons; the 30th of April is the birthday of her mother Juliana Wilhelmina and the day she took over the throne from her mother. Beside that, the nation was used to the 30th of April celebration date during her mothers 30 years reign. On this mostly sunny spring day the majority of the people are covered in orange, there are many festive events across the country and street markets are held on every corner of the country. Lucky me, I don’t have to ask for a relief from work: my birthday is on the 30th of April and Queens’ day is a national Holliday. The Queens Day celebration starts from 18.00 pm on the 29th of April until 00.00 o’clock 30th April. I would like to invite our international readers to visit The Netherlands on future Queens’ days.

But as for me it is not an all about Queen’s Day, it is first and foremost King’s Day. I will tell you how I have spent my birthdays in the past. On the night of April 29th I will hit the city with Apo-clipZ. We usually enjoy a drink and find pleasure in the festive atmosphere. We jump in and out of cafés. We kick jokes and naturally since I’m the oldest of the crew, the routinely “you are getting too old” jokes falls on me. Of course I poke them back “I’m older and wiser”. This has become a ritual. I will try to get the boys together this year. It will not be easy. We have responsibilities at home, so we will see. On the 30th of April I usually wake up with a headache but very spirited. Normally I spend the day with my family. We spend the noon in the city sight seeing and have a nice evening at home. The night with Apo-clipZ disturbing the peace in Amsterdam and the fine day with my family is all I need on my special day. These are the rare moments that I’m carefree and let things be.

So now I will turn 29 with God’s grace. Next year the big 3, as in 30 years old. A sexy 30 year old man I can assure you. To be honest I feel like I haven’t accomplished the goals I have set out for myself so far. I have got so much to give and to offer to humanity. It is never too late and I feel like as long as I’m alive I can do anything. Nothing is impossible, even when you want to make the world a little better, for humanity or a person.

Next year I will have great news for you all, so don’t forget to check in. Until then don’t be impatient, I will keep my word. Always!

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