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AFGHAN WAR REPORT: Keep It Fair & Balanced

I was watching the news today and my attention was brought, for the million times, to devastated news from Afghanistan. An US convoy was targeted near the government building in west Kabul. The driver of a vehicle packed with bombs died in the suicide attack, taking six troops with him. Fine with me, conform in war it is all fair. Hey, I didn’t make the rules of war. I sincerely empathize with the deceased soldier or militant families, but let us not act crazy. It is war and both sides are keen to destroy one and another, unfortunately.
However what is getting to my nerves is how these attacks are brought to our attention by the media. When the Taliban or Al Qaeda kills civilians I hardly hear outcry from the media and the masses. I think we are becoming immune to the blood thirsty killings of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The militants get a pass, while the US and his allies are fighting this war under immense scrutiny. Which I think it is justified, but it will be more justified if all the warlords involved in this vicious war are placed under the same scrutiny. Let no murderer escape the people’s attention. We wanna know.

I strongly believe that the US and its allies should be held accountable for the death of civilians, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or any where else. But I also believe that militant groups and other nations should face the same treatment. Women and school children died in this vicious attack and thousands more by the hands of militants ever since the war started. The militants are snatching the life out of their people like they don’t mean anything to them. I think it is crazy if you ask me. It is far from my reality to understand why people do such horrible things to their own people. Innocent children blown to pieces and I have yet to hear an outcry from the people.

Yes, it is true that we, the people, are getting weary with this endless war and we wanna see it end. On to another war or something, if you must be at war at all times. But if the media are going to report this war, there should be no exception. All attacks involving civilians deaths should be reported fairly and the headline should be: ‘Such and Such Kills Amount of Civilians’. We need to totally condemn these innocent bloodsheds on the people, no matter who is at the helm of the attack.

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