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ELECTION DAY IN THE NETHERLANDS: Mark Rutte, Job Cohen or Geert Wilders?

Who is going to be the new Prime Minister? Mark Rutte (Liberals), Job Cohen (Labour) or Geert Wilders (Hardline Right-wing)?

For some weeks now the Dutch liberals under the leadership of Mark Rutte are leading in the poles. The last poling taking on election night showed 33 seats for the liberals and 30 for the labour party. Many people I have spoken with seem to go with the hype. And nobody seems to care of the fact that the small people in this country will suffer severely under the Liberals. There’s this 18 years old kid on my block. Two days ago he told me he was going to vote for the liberals. In return I told him, you are too young to vote for the liberals. Your money ain’t big enough. Your school allowance is at stake, the insurance is bout to go sky high. The benefits under the liberals are not for you my friend. Not quite yet.

Let me straight this out with the critics; there is not a single party that I feel like I can fully affiliate with. I am not a democrat and I am not either a republican. They all have something I like and something I don’t really like. But at this moment, looking at the circumstances anything left is better than the Dutch Liberals, the party for the rich. Let’s be honest, I still live in the projects of Amsterdam. I ain’t rich. With that said, I have decided to go along with the Labour Party (PvdA). This is a strategic vote. As the poles have indicated, the only party able to hold off the liberals is the party of Amsterdam’s former mayor Job Cohen. Not really a fan of his way of leadership but hey, I’m thinking about my pocket.

The person who I trust my vote to in the labour party is a man called Sander Terphuis, 38 years old. Sander Terphuis is an Iranian emigrant with a visual limitation. With his handicap he still has managed to live the life he wanted. As a youngster growing up in Iran, he felt caged and wanted to break free from his country. He practiced wrestle and was selected for the national team. During the world wrestling games for invalids in The Netherlands back in 1990, he saw a chance to run away and start a new life in The Netherlands. He learned the language in fast pace and graduated law and philosophy. More remarkably, after he received his Dutch citizenship he changed his Iranian name to Sander Terphuis, a Dutch name.

This man is truly a Soul Rebel and his perseverance and work ethic is encouraging. He has said he hoped one day to inspire others, especially his old country men and women. Sander Terphuis is number 53 on the list of the labour party. There’s no way the labours will gain that much seats, but with the preference votes we can help him win a seat.

The Soul Rebel Movement wishes Sander Terphuis all the luck and the votes. Read more about this remarkable man Sander Terphuis website

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